Dino Drop-In


Dino Drop-In is all about ensuring that your child’s needs are met, even when you need to be somewhere else. Our caring and experienced teachers make everyone feel at home, from the most confident child, to the one that is nervous about their first time away from mom and dad. Dino Drop-In provides a secure, fun environment and our staff take extra care with supportive contact at drop-in and until your child is ready to make some new friends. Our aim is for your child to have fun with our engaging curriculum, helping them feel relaxed is the best way to achieve that.

Taking advantage of our flexible services is easy with Dino Drop-In . Registration can be done in the comfort of your home, in less than 5 minutes with our online parent portal. When you need a hand at short notice, just drop-in. You can check your child in using our classroom tablet and once the teacher knows that your child is present, you can take care of business knowing that your child is happy and engaged in a premium learning environment. During your little one’s stay, you are welcome to check in on your child using our secure Dino Cam, accessed via a password given when you drop-in. Peace of mind for you, available when you need it most.